Vestals- Forever Falling Toward the Sky

The debut Vestals LP is now available!

‘Forever Falling Toward the Sky’ is the first ever release by Bay Area based Vestals, AKA Lisa McGee. A taught set of haunting electric ballads, these six tracks weave together a number of layered guitars and vocals into a smokey tapestry of blown electricity. Rather than the ephemeral drones McGee has been involved with recently, most notably the group-mind ensemble Portraits & the duo Higuma, Vestals retains the clarity of song, with these hypnotic gyms having been slowly carved out over a year of recording & mixing. Filled out with drum machine & bass, ‘Forever Falling Toward the Sky’ really does have the feeling of a group completely jelled, hammering out feedback in a California basement, high on guitar worship & sunsets.

Painted Caves distribution

After receiving a few inquiries about Painted Caves, I wanted to let you know that Not Here Not There is now available from a couple of places on the web.

Check out:

Thrill Jockey, Volcanic Tongue, and Experimedia:

Additionally, another track has been posted for your listening pleasure:

Revisitor Update


Hand assembled dvdr REVISITOR is now available for international mail order through Aquarius Records.

Also, there will be a special screening of REVISITOR on May 31st, 2012 at ATA in San Francisco. This will be part of the Unexpected Views event featuring additional films by Paul Clipson, John Davis and Irwin Swirnoff.

Evan Caminiti, KWJAZ, Marielle Jakobsons-Liminal Space 5/26/12

Echo is memory, slowly fading. Slight gradations cull the annals lining time distorted mind’s eye. To hear this ring out is to experience the folding of past onto present. With agile hands, these artists crease, bend and transform perception, sifting ephemera through ever-shifting and evolving relationships.

On this date, we embark towards engulfment in celebration of the release of Evan Caminiti’s Night Dust on Immune Recordings, as well as Marielle Jakobsons’ Glass Canyon on Students of Decay. Traversing the indefinable divide is another local hero of the obscured: KWJAZ.

Evan Caminiti


Marielle Jakobsons

LIMINAL SPACE | 950 54th St. Oakland 94608
Saturday May 26th | 8:30 doors, 9pm start
Contribution: $7 – $10

Looking forward to this evening of record-release celebration at the fantastic Liminal Space in Oakland. We are so lucky to have this amazing new space which creates the ideal environment for absorbing new sounds and a communal vibe. I will play new material focusing on live tape manipulation, guitar, and synthesizer.

Jon Porras ‘Revisitor’

One quick announcement as we prepare to catch our flight overseas. I’m pleased to announce the release of REVISITOR, a special edition, handmade dvd-r . REVISITOR is a 20-minute, super 8 film I debuted at the Will Brown Gallery on March 22, 2012 for the New Moon installation. This release documents my recent shift toward working with the blend of super 8 film and sound.  The soundtrack showcases a new musical approach rooted in dub processing and minimal electronics.  Also, this is the first release from my new publishing outlet Dolores Press.  This Edition of 30 will be available on our European/England tour and through mail order when we return.

Evan Caminiti “Night Dust”

This one has been a long time in the making and I’m proud to announce this gatefold LP and CS release will be seeing the light of day very soon. We will have exclusive copies available on the upcoming Barn Owl tour in Europe and England.

Since 2005 Evan Caminiti has explored the potential of psychedelic guitar music informed by American traditions and kosmische inspirations alike. Working in both Barn Owl and Higuma as well as releasing three full length LPs under his birth name, he has released records on Thrill Jockey, Three Lobed, Important, Root Strata, Digitalis, Not Not Fun, and Handmade Birds.

With Night Dust, his debut for Immune, Caminiti shifted the focus away from amplifier worship and the desert themes his work is often associated with to focus on texture, fractured dub techniques, and spacious electric guitar compositions. Recorded entirely to 4 track cassette, Caminiti embraced the limitations of the medium and warped the original sound sources with analog electronics, searching for beauty in the hazy and degraded sounds. Inspiration came from smokey blue hues and washed out lights of some of the 80’s best vampire movies which contributes to the visually evocative narrative flow the album possesses.

Guitars moan like horns through empty city streets, vocal samples erode in devotional bliss, and webs of synthesizer float like mist. The sounds of Caminiti’s guitar become disembodied as intricate fingerpicking techniques give way to percussive thuds, streaks of feedback, and textural crumble.

Night Dust is presented with the utmost highest production standards – mastered and cut to vinyl by Andreas [LUPO] Lubich at D&M in Berlin, pressed on high-quality virgin vinyl at RTI and housed in a heavy-duty old-style tip-on gatefold jacket printed on uncoated stock by Stoughton. Also included is a free download coupon.

To preorder and listen to track please visit

Caminiti will continue his busy touring schedule with Barn Owl and plans to also perform solo in support of Night Dust.

Painted Caves- Not Here Not There

Not Here Not There, the first transmission from Painted Caves aka Evan Caminiti, offers a set of deconstructed sounds recorded to cassette tape and then processed with analog and digital tools. Floating synthesizers decay into bottomless tonal pools as guitars are picked, bowed, and battered, leaving plumes of multicolored impressions hidden behind a thin grey veil. Hints of nostalgia and surrealism permeate this disorienting journey which explores new territory for Caminiti with it’s focus on minimal rhythms, submerged textures, and tape processing. These electronic manipulations hidden in the confines of magnetic tape suggest a take on retro-futurism in which we imagine the future from a fragmented past too distant to remember. This is the first release for the Dust Editions imprint and it is limited to 200 pro-dubbed chrome tapes with full color J-cards and pro-printed cassette shells labels on black cassettes. Digital download included with purchase.

For the time being this album will be exclusively available on Barn Owl’s upcoming European tour and for those of you who can’t make it, Aquarius Records will have copies available for mail-order. In addition, a new track from the album has been posted for you listening pleasure: