Evan Caminiti///Substrata Festival///Seattle 7/19

July 19, 2014

For it’s final night Substrata Festival is a meeting of far ranging extremes, embracing harsh ascetic minimalism, spaces of unmoored weightlessness and the massive and physically terrestrial. Beyond notions of passive ornamental embellishment, the night’s performers are all sculptors of ambient sonic narrative created from the colluvium of sound’s rawest materials. The methodologies varying from the most fundamental, as electric current given voice through feedback, to complex timbral resonances born of acoustic tools. Making for a night of masterful intersections of the technological with the concrete, the dissonant with the harmonic, and the perceived with the post-cognitive.

Will Call – 6:45 pm
Doors – 7:00 pm
Evan Caminiti – 7:45 pm
Mika Vainio – 8:30 pm
Mamiffer – 9:15 pm


Evan Caminiti ATA 12/13

OTHER STATES: An evening of sound and music performances by Evan Caminiti, Danny Paul Grody, and Trevor Montgomery with films by Paul Clipson

Friday, December 13th 8pm $6-10

San Francisco based artist Evan Caminiti presents new work for modular synthesizer.

Paul Clipson works primarily on Super 8 & 16mm celluloid, collaborating on films, performances and installations with sound artists and musicians. His films attempt to bring to light subconscious preoccupations that reveal themselves while being immersed in a visual exploration of the moment, where simultaneous, multiple layers of images allow for un-thought, unexpected elements to reveal themselves.