Painted Caves- Not Here Not There

Not Here Not There, the first transmission from Painted Caves aka Evan Caminiti, offers a set of deconstructed sounds recorded to cassette tape and then processed with analog and digital tools. Floating synthesizers decay into bottomless tonal pools as guitars are picked, bowed, and battered, leaving plumes of multicolored impressions hidden behind a thin grey veil. Hints of nostalgia and surrealism permeate this disorienting journey which explores new territory for Caminiti with it’s focus on minimal rhythms, submerged textures, and tape processing. These electronic manipulations hidden in the confines of magnetic tape suggest a take on retro-futurism in which we imagine the future from a fragmented past too distant to remember. This is the first release for the Dust Editions imprint and it is limited to 200 pro-dubbed chrome tapes with full color J-cards and pro-printed cassette shells labels on black cassettes. Digital download included with purchase.

For the time being this album will be exclusively available on Barn Owl’s upcoming European tour and for those of you who can’t make it, Aquarius Records will have copies available for mail-order. In addition, a new track from the album has been posted for you listening pleasure:

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