Evan Caminiti “When California Falls into the Sea”

I’m really happy to announce my new solo outing, “When California Falls into the Sea” on the new label Handmade Birds, curated and run by R Loren (of Pyramids, Sailors With Wax Wings).

”‘When California Falls into The Sea”, the product of more than a year’s work, finds Caminiti shifting away from the evocation of the land elements and towards the urban- the coarseness of blood on the streets and people living in squalor juxtaposed with beautiful, fleeting moments like sun reflecting off of glass buildings into dingy puddles- to produce a dialogue where guitars float through the air weightlessly, weaving around each other like butterflies and other moments that are more solitary, monolithic excursions into the night.”

Expect a release in April, in time for Barn Owl’s massive European tour with Jefre Cantu Ledesma.

Check out the great roster with a bunch more releases in the works.


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