Barn Owl-The Coming Months

Many exciting shows and albums to come shortly including On Land on September 2nd in San Francisco.  We will be joined by Jacob Felix Heule on drums and we will be accompanied by the films of Paul Clipson.  Also, our first performances in the UK, Spain, and Portugal are set for October, and an East Coast/Midwest tour with High Aura’d in November.  More info on all of this to come soon.

“Ancestral Star”, our debut for Thrill Jockey, will be released November 2nd.  Expect to see a film made by Paul Clipson for one of the album’s tracks before then.

Additionally, Important Records will be releasing an album by Barn Owl and the Infinite Strings Ensemble called “The Headlands”, a collaboration with Ellen Fullman ,Theresa Wong, and The Norman Conquest.

Barn Owl at the Greensound festival

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