Soundwave Festival: Illuminated Forest with Barn Owl

A very special show coming up this Saturday the 23rd, Barn Owl will be playing at the Lab as a part of the Soundwave Festival.  The inside of the Lab has been transformed into an interactive living forest which we will be playing inside.

“Other-worldly sounds and creatures inhabit the forest to haunt, trick, and delight. Electro-acoustic band Barn Owl leaves a dark drone narrative using heavily effected electric guitars. Artist Christine Choi summons Ghosts of Gondwana, an inter-genre essay on extinct New Zealand creatures, lineage, love, creative processes, and their interrelated emotionality. Musician Lazarus imagines “the trickster” in his/her many forms whether coyote/crow — demon/sylph through poem/songs and his ongoing relationship with this ever-sneaky friend.”

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(Oh, the liberties writers take with biographical information…)


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