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May 6th – June 10th @ Tartine Bakery, San Francisco

Opening Reception: Thursday, May 6th from 9pm – 11pm
Musical performance by Jon Porras at 10pm

Evan Caminiti’s print work illustrates the abstract terrain of psychological landscapes and narratives. His focus on the texture of his printing materials and repetitive line work creates a visual rhythm that lends itself to the environments Caminiti depicts. These stylistic themes are also evident in titles such as “Void”, “Blur” and “Vortex,” which are all monoprints of radiating orbs and pulsating spirals. In the etching “Psychic Mud Shrine” and lithograph “The Conjurer,” these mysterious openings and expanses seem to suggest something closer to mythological or metaphorical crossroads, where time and place are merely subjective components for the viewer to interpret. Considering the undercurrent of cinematic drama created within his imagery, it is not surprising that Caminiti is also an experimental musician. Improvisation is vital in both mediums for him. In printmaking the necessary application of acids and solvents incorporate the element of chance determination – the chemical reactions enhance and sometimes obscure geological formations, bodies of water, crystal lattices and hooded figures. These atmospheric and alchemical characteristics of decay and distortion are not dissimilar to the approach of aural dissonance through the drone of guitar reverb or feedback of an amp. It is within these expanses of land that Caminiti presents us with imagery that goes beyond the visual.

Evan Caminiti is an experimental artist based in San Francisco. Over the years Caminiti has released recordings under a handful of collaborative monikers such as Barn Owl and Higuma. His music and album artwork have been released in limited runs on small boutique labels including Digitalis Recordings, Root Strata and Not Not Fun. Dust is Caminiti’s first solo show after graduating from San Francisco State in 2009.

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