Upcoming Releases 2010

We have a powerful trifecta of vinyl-only releases coming up in Summer 2010 that we are really excited to announce:

Evan Caminiti’s “West Winds” LP on Three Lobed Recordings, which is about to go in to production.  Dusty nocturnal/twilight meditations.

Jon Porras’ album “Undercurrent”.  The album will be released by Root Strata on LP.  A fog shrouded descent into endless oceans of sound.

Root Strata will additionally be releasing the third Higuma (the duo of Lisa McGee and Evan Caminiti) album, “Pacific Fog Dreams” on LP around the same time.  A star-gazing slab of heavy beauty.

Keep an eye out for “West Winds” in a couple months, and the others shortly thereafter.

If you’re in the Bay Area don’t forget to join us at Tartine, Thursday May 6th, for Evan Caminiti’s art show “Dust” with music by Jon Porras.  See the below post.

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