Barn Owl ‘Transfiguration’ now available

‘ We are very pleased to announce the first release on Electric Totem. “Transfiguration” documents a live set from a 2008 appearance in Vancouver, BC.  Here we find Barn Owl drifting through a maze of densely harmonic fuzz storms, incantations, and doom raga, creating a luminous fog bank of sound.  Edition of 250 CDRs featuring pro-dubbed discs and Stumptown printed sleeves. Mastered by Pete Swanson.’

now available at Aquarius Records

4 thoughts on “Barn Owl ‘Transfiguration’ now available

  1. What a bummer. I ordered a copy of this from Time-Lag and the postal service seems to have lost my order along with a BUNCH of other stuff. two months worth of record budget down the tube with no new tunes to show for it.

  2. total drag. we’re all sold out. try a google search, i know its up on a blog or two for free download, at least you can hear it.

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