Evan Caminiti, KWJAZ, Marielle Jakobsons-Liminal Space 5/26/12

Echo is memory, slowly fading. Slight gradations cull the annals lining time distorted mind’s eye. To hear this ring out is to experience the folding of past onto present. With agile hands, these artists crease, bend and transform perception, sifting ephemera through ever-shifting and evolving relationships.

On this date, we embark towards engulfment in celebration of the release of Evan Caminiti’s Night Dust on Immune Recordings, as well as Marielle Jakobsons’ Glass Canyon on Students of Decay. Traversing the indefinable divide is another local hero of the obscured: KWJAZ.

Evan Caminiti


Marielle Jakobsons

LIMINAL SPACE | 950 54th St. Oakland 94608
Saturday May 26th | 8:30 doors, 9pm start
Contribution: $7 – $10

Looking forward to this evening of record-release celebration at the fantastic Liminal Space in Oakland. We are so lucky to have this amazing new space which creates the ideal environment for absorbing new sounds and a communal vibe. I will play new material focusing on live tape manipulation, guitar, and synthesizer.

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